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At Soleil Floors & Design, we pride ourselves on impeccable countermove service, design skills and current market trends on a variety of product lines suiting the top of the line products at any price level. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we have the capability of conquering any size project.


"Soleil guarantees success in design and completion. We design it all, prepare the bids, measure the jobs, ship the products and coordinate subcontractors when needed. From beginning to end, Soleil works with the client one-on-one to provide a personal and enjoyable experience!"

- Kim Lithwin, Owner

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We needed to replace all of the floors in the house we bought in Paso Robles, not being from the area we did some research on google and found a flooring place. After getting a high quote from them, we decided to try elsewhere. We had driven by Soleil Floors & Design a few times so gave them a call. I spoke to Kim (the owner), told her what we were looking for and the budget. When I went in, she had already pulled samples of carpet, hardwood and tiles in the colors I mentioned within my budget. After showing her pictures of the house we were selling, she immediately picked up on the style we like and we zero'd in on what we wanted in that first visit.

The contractors that she hired all did great work and since we hadn't moved in yet Kim did a fabulous job of managing the projects/contractors. We felt so comfortable working with Kim that we went back to Soleil Floors & Design for our kitchen backsplash tile and fireplace stone. We're about to start our master bathroom remodel and look forward to working with Kim again.  


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